Why do customers choose SROVESTA?
We are constantly improving, so we are not afraid of challenges
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Why do customers choose SROVESTA?
We are constantly improving, so we are not afraid of challenges
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Why do customers choose SROVESTA?
We work with reliable manufacturers and suppliers
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Why do customers choose SROVESTA?
In collaboration with manufacturers, we provide suggestions on how to improve smart home systems
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Why do customers choose SROVESTA?
Each project is unique, created according to the needs of the customer
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Why do customers choose SROVESTA?
We are recommended by satisfied customers
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We create homes that are comfortable to live in!

About us

We are designers and installers of electrical and low current engineering systems from Klaipeda!

UAB SROVESTA was established in 2006.
Through so many years of experience, we have united a team of the most competent specialists in our field, working with smart homes.

Starting with low voltage systems, gradually growing and improving, we started working with electrical installations, lighting and building automation. Combining all these areas into a single whole has given rise to smart home systems.

A smart home is a system that connects all the electrical appliances in your home. With convenient management, you can easily take care of your home, protect it and create a cozy atmosphere.
We create houses that adapt to your wishes and natural factors.

We can offer you the highest quality
INIM and KNX smart home systems that make your daily activities easier.

The vision of our company is based on the integration of innovative technologies that ensure the functionality and highly efficient operation of the facility. By constantly following innovations, expanding our horizons and learning from the best experts in smart homes, we can provide services that meet the expectations of every customer.

A team of experienced specialists, a responsible approach to work and quality implementation of projects are the main factors that create the policy of UAB SROVESTA, focused on a reliable partnership not only with customers, but also with suppliers.
We have been glad to be with you for so many years!


Smart home devices are connected to each other and accessible via a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Luminaires, door locks, TVs, garage or outdoor gates, video surveillance cameras or even appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine can be controlled through a single home system. This system is installed in a mobile or other device that is convenient for you and it is very simple and convenient to control, adapting to your personal needs. To make you feel safe in your home, we install a security system that responds to your behavior and environmental factors.


Architecture and Engineer Desktop.

Designing and consulting

We design building management systems, heating, ventilation automation, smoke extraction and evacuation door systems, as well as fire hydrant control systems. we guarantee quality system maintenance and service.

Installation of telecommunication engineering systems for buildings

Cable routes; Cable laying; Assembly and connection of electrical cabinets; Installation of electrical equipment (lighting, electrical sockets, etc.)

We have been specializing in smart home installations for a long time

It is a system that connects and controls all electrical appliances in and around your home. With the help of this system, you are given an exceptional feeling of comfort, convenience and security.

Installation of process control and automation systems

We install and program building management systems like heating, ventilation automation, smoke extraction and control systems for evacuation doors and fire hydrants. We design and assemble automation and electrical panels.

54224,Modern house in woods

Installations of building safety systems

We install various types of security systems for different spaces and premises (houses, administrative buildings, hospitals, schools, factories, industrial facilities, stadiums, shopping and entertainment centers, etc.). Depending on the client’s needs and the purpose of the object, we select the most optimal option.

Also we do a roof expertise

If you want to install a solar power plant on the roof, it is recommended to do a roof expertise with us.

Design and installation of solar power plants

Our company’s specialists will design and install a solar power plant according to your needs, whether on the roof of a residential house, homestead, auxiliary premises, or on a plot of land. Contact us and we will answer all your questions, because each solar power plant is individual and exclusive. In this way, you will not only save on your electricity costs, but also contribute to the development of green energy. Not only that, it’s a great time to take advantage of APVA’s support for solar power plants!

Female Engineer Inspecting Electric Systems

Installation of telecommunication engineering systems for buildings

We offer professional telecommunication network installation services, from building design and premises preparation to network installation and equipment configuration works. Qualified specialists will offer wired and wireless network design, installation and configuration solutions, as well as continuous network maintenance according to your needs. Our qualified specialists help to solve the most common network problems.


Because the most important thing for us is a happy customer!

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