Tourism Place "Bebirva"

The manor is located on a quiet, easily accessible bank of the Bebirva stream. In this rural tourism homestead, qualified specialists of our company performed indoor and outdoor electrical installation works, video surveillance, security and fire alarms. Telecommunication communications, sound of the premises, and lightning protection were performed.

The project was done in 2014. UAB SROVESTA

P. Vasiliauskas farm "Vfarm"

P. Vasiliauskas farm is located in Klaipėda district, Dreverna village. In the administrative and storage premises located here, the employees of our company done the lightning protection of the building, security and fire alarms. Video surveillance, Installation of telecommunication engineering systems and process control as well as automation were performed.

The project was done in 2015. UAB SROVESTA


We performed interior and exterior lighting reconstruction in Toyota car showroom, warehouse and service. We replaced the old luminaires with LED technology and modernized video surveillance. The conversion of analog cameras to digital ones was also carried out.
The project was done in 2017. UAB SROVESTA

UAB Nesė: "Nesė Casino", "Easy longue" restaurant, "Irish Bar"

In these premises, which are well known to Klaipeda residents, the qualified employees of our company performed the following works: video surveillance, security – fire alarm and telecommunication engineering systems. Also indoor sound, and indoor and outdoor electrical installation.
The project was done in 2017. UAB SROVESTA


Mercedes-Benz car and tugboat center is located in Klaipeda. In this centre we done a fire protection system, security alarm, video surveillance system and telecommunication. Process control and automation were also performed.
The project was done in 2017. UAB SROVESTA

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